Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm such a rebel

Ok, so this "revival crusade" is still going on, theres two more days of it after today, and I have to be honest, I'm very much looking forward to the last meeting on Wednesday night. I'm sitting in the sound booth as one of the twins preaches.
It's been a great time of learning and growth but so tiring and, really, we weren't meant to be working 18 days in a's not Scriptural.
I could go on about the different things that bug me about these old guys, but they are rather trivial and basically a result of the era in which they grew up and all and not so much a really huge issue. For example their constant mention of the "evils of rock music" gets me a little excited and wanting to fight back, but I hold off for the sake of learning something and not causing a disturbance.
There's lots of stuff to be able to take from these meetings that have been going on, but the presentation is a little....less than up to date I guess you could say, and it's, well, too long of a time all at once.
So my question that has been running through my mind for a while now...I'll share it with you...Does God work through people who aren't really in touch with the current culture and use vocabulary years out of date? The only answer I can give is YES. I've seen some pretty incredible workings of the Spirit of God the last couple weeks, even if these guys are old and still pray using "Thee and Thou" and use the KJV fervantly.
God can stretch across a generation gap as such, it's really cool to see, especially when youth are getting up and testifying to the things that God has been revealing to them. How can you not get at least somewhat excited about that? I sure am, even if it means some painful endurance of things that cause me to want to vomit sometimes...God still uses even old people, am I surprised? No, I am humbled cause sometimes I don't want to listen...


Jon said...

I hear you.
It's funny, though, because eventually the old things that are prejudices, controls, us/them theology, etc. will get dealt with by God... I've seen it already a few times here amongst some of the more 1950s style fundamentalists and it's good.
To add to the humbling part, not only are there things that our generation needs to let go of right now, but there will be things which we sneak into our old age that will drive some poor youth pastor insane as he/she sifts through what we have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey......whassss ..up?

Kieran said...

Hey Roomie! I like this blog. I agree that old guys can have a huge impact on the church today. Theology doesn't change much like God because it is a picture of who God is. It is only our culture that changes and how we need to apply our theology to the situation we are in. Makes me think what young punks are going to say about us when we are 80. Most rock and roll legends are old enough to be my grandparents anyway. And the funny memory of the day is when mike smacked his shin on your bed cause you made a certain comment about someone. hehehe