Monday, January 23, 2006

Ted Unham's first blog

There's a first time for everything and today I had another first, I actually voted. This is not actually the first time I have been eligible to do so, however it is the first time I have felt the urge to jump on the political bandwagon.
But who really cares whether I voted for the first time or not, what's really important is that I am very quickly approaching my next birthday, and by quickly I mean it is tomorrow.
Many times have I celebrated a birthday, this time is strange, like all the others, in its own little way. It does not seem like I'm older. There seem to be many birthdays in one's life which could be referred to as "milestones" such as; 10, the first age of double digits; 13, the first teen year; 16, who knows why; 18, finally an adult; 20, no longer a teen; 30;40;50; and so on. The age of 23 is in between milestones, there's nothing really different or special about it, it just means you're older.
It's somewhat interesting how people tend to reflect back and look ahead around their birthdays, even other people's birthdays. This one for me is one of looking ahead moreso than anything. The reason why this time is unique is because I am now facing life outside of school, I haven't known the feeling of that since I was 4 years old and I don't really remember it.
There have been recent days where I have wished to revert back to younger years so that responsibility would be lost to me and the concern of making a living would be non-existent in my mind. How fortunate was I to be a child and not have to worry about eating, or any kind of necessities, they were simply available.
Now at this point in my life I can only hope that I will indeed be able to supply that kind of security to my future family. I can't wait for school to be finished, but the thought of not being in school is so frightening I think I'll try to take advantage of my final days of somewhat stress free living and enjoy myself as much as I can.