Friday, February 16, 2007

This is Daniel Cook, I mean Troy Dunham writing a sermon...

So obviously the sermon writing has taken a bit of a break, actually I haven't even really started on it for the day yet, but when I have other things on my mind I can't really focus well enough to write up something for a sermon, so I'll get all my nastiness out here because I can and I'll write as many run on sentences as humanly possible.
The truth about me today is that I'm just tired...I don't think there's really any other way to put it. I honestly don't know how people do it with families and spouses and everything. I'm single, so nobody else is really affected by my busy schedule, and not only busy but long hours (like by the end of this week it will have been 80+ hours of work), if I had a family they wouldn't deserve that kind of treatment from me. How does one do it? I'm actually pretty thankful at the moment (though I don't always feel this way) that I am single at this point in life cause it would be way too hard to maintain a healthy/strong/godly relationship with a woman and try and figure this ministry stuff out all at the same time. I guess God really does know what he's doing after all.
Knowing full well that I'd not be able to treat a wife properly as I learn to live and breath a life of ministry, He's allowed me freedom to struggle on my own so that I can gain some ground before bringing someone into my life. I pray it will happen soon but I guess I can't be anything but thankful deep down (though I've been struggling with that lately) that I am where I am and know that God has placed me here for some purpose beyond my limited understanding.
But alas my sermon doth call my name, I shall resign to writing of the great things of God instead of my lonely little world.

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Trevor said...

Dude too many hours...that's all that is important to say. I understand the pull of ministry and the feeling of expectation. You need to take care of yourself though or you'll end up like your old brother. Anyway enough nagging. I hope that the sermon goes well. I'll talk to you soon.