Monday, January 15, 2007

Eat at the Ruby and get gas

I have recently borrowed the first seasons of the great Canadian anomoly of television comedy known as Corner Gas. Now I've seen the show before, a number of episodes, but haven't been able to appreciate the show in all it's fullness. I've been making my way through season one, and it's unbelievably hilarious.
There is definitely something about Saskatchewanians (ites) that provides them with a sarcasm that's second to, well me.
I don't usually laugh out loud at things when I'm watching them by myself, I don't know why, but that's how I work. It takes a special kind of funny to make me laugh out loud while alone, and alas I've found myself laughing til my little heart's content a few times. I might just be ashamed to admit it, but I've even giggled like a little school girl (not sure I've ever completely understood that phrase).
It's funny how the Saskatchewan pride comes through in such a show. There's a certain small town thing that happens in this province, and even though my town isn't near as small as Dog River, I can identify with much of what happens in Corner Gas, it's hilarious.
I'm actually beginning to appreciate living in Saskatchewan, I may not stay here forever, but it's not as embarrassing as I once thought it was. The Sask. pride is seeping into my being.


Joe said...

That truely is frighting. Hope it doesn't rub off on us next year. Sask. here we come.

Stephen said...

I'll pray for you

Shle said...

uh oh.. should i be worried? ahah.. my family wants to move to vermilion.. what do you think troy, could I handle small town life? or would it be the death of me?

Trevor said...

Now you'll bleed green. It's just kind of how it works. The riders and all of the other sask "stuff" kinda gets in ya.