Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A question to ponder.

So here's a question, if there's anyone that actually still reads this stuff then feel free to make a comment, if not, well, that's ok too. If Jesus said that his "yoke is easy" and his "burden is light" then why is it that so many Christians consistently feel overwhelmed/weighed down/burdened/wrecked, etc, the list can go on and on. I'm not really asking so I can find the answer to such a question, I'm just curious as to what people's thoughts on said topic might be.
And maybe even an add on to it, why do so many pastors, the one's who are supposed to be studying Scripture and applying Biblical practices to their lives, get tired, weary and lose heart?
Once again, not because I feel like I'm losing my grip on reality or any sort of thing like that, just pondering and thought I'd like to hear some other thoughts on it.
I have my first youth "event", though it's not really an event, tonight and I'm curious to see how many will show up, the summer seems to be pretty lazy around here and there don't seem to be many people around a lot of the time. So we'll see how it goes, in 10 minutes we're supposed to start, here's hoping some kids show up.
Then it's up bright and early, before the sun rises tomorrow morning to head to Vermillion and meet up with Mikey before we continue on to Edmonton.
I shall try and write something more in depth later.


Rooster said...

Jesus' burden and yoke are easy and light. Me thinks that people add to what Jesus intended his yoke and burden to be.

Gregg Weisbrod said...

I think it's actually something entirely different. I don't think the burden or yoke relates to stress, pressures, and persecution. I believe the burden or yoke is that of sin, and our being removed from the presence of God because of it, our shame. So by following Jesus, he removed that yoke and burden and placed it on himself to carry for us. The Christian life is far from easy, but we have hope, and we have love which are two very important weapons in battling that som' bitch satan and all our personal pressures and weariness. Hence the direct need to stay in the word and prayer, as you can't be refreshed without that. Especially for Pastors who fall under a much heavier spiritual attack.