Monday, March 13, 2006

Long Time No Talky

As I sit here in my bedroom in Calgary I struggle to write a paper that I need to finish before the day is out. I have had no trouble whatsoever writing other things but this paper will not flesh itself out for me. If only history papers were as easy as writing down thoughts for other to read, then I would have no difficulty at all in doing so.
It has certainly been too long since I had written anything on this blog. My intention when I started it was to continue on in my blogging so as to have a regular routine of doing so. It's good to get your thoughts out of your head sometimes.
Much has certainly happened since I wrote last as well. I have been accredited for ministry in Canada, that's one of those relief moments when everything becomes easy again for a moment. The issues arising from that particular week in history are now involving my place of residence and my career. I may be moving sooner than I had originally anticipated, oddly enough I think I'm alright with it. Now my difficulty with life is, where will it continue for me? I have no clue right now.
This whole state of suspension where you don't really know what is what yet is not necessarily a bad place to be sometimes. There is a lot to learn from times like this. I've discovered so much about myself, about my girlfriend about our relationship, and about God's direction than I could have ever imagined. This is all really good stuff. It's not fun at times but there's a lot of character building opportunities that can be found.
I find myself not thinking so abstractly right now, I still do, but at this point in time my thoughts are very practical, thinking in timelines as to when I would like things to occur, with whom and where. I've dropped below the clouds and have come back to earth I guess you could say, for the time being.
But I best be getting back to work....

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Trevor said...

Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground...err something like that anyway. I'm excited at the possibility of you coming my way in your next stage of life. And yes the weird stage of life you've now entered may not get less weird as it goes but it will be weird for other reasons!