Tuesday, March 21, 2006

From the mind of Ted Unham

So I went to Legacy Youth Conference this last weekend and it honestly felt like a million things happened within the course of a couple days. There's nothing quite like being in your own city but not going home for a few days. It's always fun to stay in a hotel and hang out with a bunch of high school students for a weekend.
This time, however, was my first time not being involved in a big way in putting the weekend together and being a leader/pastor with my group. It's a whole different perspective than I've had before, because I've never been in the audience, I've always been behind the scenes, or in the scenes.
It's a whole different ball game actually getting to talk to the kids who are being affected by what's being done and hearing the things they are learning. It's really great to hear what God does in people's hearts through a weekend like that. I enjoyed it, and I was surprised at what God taught me as well.
This isn't incredibly deep or long, I just wanted to get something up here.

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Corndog said...

Hey Troy,

Even though YC was quite a while ago, it's good to hear that you got to see God work in the lives of kids. I know God worked in my life when i went to youth confrences. I even remember you being the funny guy (I think his name was Jesse) from Extreme Days. And you jumping across that bed. See you later friend,