Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The (second) move, for those who are curious

I posted an ambiguous status on Facebook last night indicating that I'm moving again, less than 2 months after moving into what I thought would be our first place as a married couple. Well as it turns out there are changes in the works that were not foreseen though possibly foreseeable.

The rental market out there has a number options (in Calgary at least) for potential renters to consider before moving into a new place. We had chosen the current basement suite because it was cheaper than other alternatives in hopes to be able to save a bit more money, it's actually a pretty nice little unit for the price and all. We knew that it was not a legal suite (in fact, it seems that a number of suites aren't legal) but city inspectors have often turned a blind eye to those suites that aren't legal because of the rental market in Calgary (or as it has been in the past). With all that being said if someone complains to the city about a neighbouring property regarding the zoning, the city has to follow up.

The issue with this suite was simply that it is a duplex not a single dwelling with a basement suite. An older couple next door, as we were to find out later, had caused some trouble for the current property owners by calling the police while they were doing some renovations inside the house...make sense? No, I didn't think so. Amanda came over after work one night last week and discovered a notice from the city of calgary stating that a complaint had been issued...guess who!

The complaint was that there was more than one "dwelling" in the place, but the interesting part was that at the time the complaint was issued, I was the only official resident of the entire house. Methinks there are some nosey neighbours lurking about.

So, the inspection happened and the landlords were instructed to remove the stove and bottom row of cabinetry in the kitchen and have the inspector back. Fair enough, it's not a legal suite and them's the rules. But the landlord's answer to it was to do so and then after the final inspection, put the kitchen cabinets and stove back in...and all of this while we are away getting married and honeymooning, so that it could all be replaced and like nothing ever happened when we came back.

Not really the optimal option in my mind, so we took the opportunity to get the damage deposit back, find a new place and then move not only all of my stuff, but Amanda's stuff as well (or that which she hasn't moved in already) 3 days before we leave for our wedding.

So that's the story, but with a happy ending (or what I think will be one) because we found a decent 2 bedroom condo with 2 bathrooms in a nicer neighbourhood and for an affordable price that I think will be a much better situation for us than my current place.

Now...Who can help us move on the 24th of April?

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