Monday, May 15, 2006

You gotta get a little mud on the tires....

Something I am learning in possibly the hardest way possible right now is that in order for a good thing to happen, you have to work really hard at it.
If you want to lose weight, you have to work for it. If you want to get built, you have to work. If you want to succeed in a job, you have to work at it. If you want relationships to be beneficial and work well, you have to WORK for it and not just run when things get hard.
Sometimes there is just such a huge temptation to up and run, or turn and hide in the darkest corner you can find. Here's the question of the century....what happens when you turn and run? Whatever it is that you're running from may follow you...but even more than that, you end up running in the direction from which you came. Sometimes that ends up working out for our good, if we were going the wrong way in the first place, but what if you weren't going the wrong way, you were just not paying attention fully to where you were going and then you realized all of a sudden where you were and got scared?
Maybe the rough things are to be faced and not to be run from. What kind of reputation can you build if you run? It doesn't seem to build a good case for someone to trust you if that's what you're known for doing. So many times I just want to run, but thoughts like that come to mind and they push me to actually face the situation.
Unfortunately I have chosen to run in the past, and some big ones have hit as a result, but if you face it and deal with whatever it is head on, yeah maybe the fight will leave you a little or even a lot broken and bruised, but at least you actually dealt with it and didn't just run to try and avoid the issue.
At the moment, I just want to drop and run and it wouldn't end up being the good kind of running. It would do more harm than good I think.
Maybe I'm too spacey and think too much. Maybe I should just shut my brain off and then things won't bother me or be a problem for me. Or even better, shut my heart off so I won't feel anymore, that'll just solve everything because I'm so driven by my heart that it gets in the way.
Now of course those are all completely absurd, and I say them with a hint of sarcasm, fully knowing that that's not the way to deal with it all. But man it sure would be nice to just shut off for a while.
Oh wait, I've done that before and then all you have in the end of that is a bunch of crap that you've ignored for a period of time that still has yet to be dealt with...
Time heals all wounds, that's bull. God heals wounds in time. Have you ever thought of it that way? Cause I sure haven't until just now. Time does nothing, it just gets used to do good.
So bottom line? God can choose to heal in as much time as he so desires, sometimes it's quicker than others, sometimes it takes different shapes than others. Interesting thought.
I think so at least.


Jon said...

My dad thinks of time as a potential tool. God uses it for grace. We use it for harm, mostly. You're right, "time heals all wounds" is attributing God's grace to an unmerciful force.
Sarcasm, eh? So when you ask if you are "too spacey" you mean "Kevin Spacey?"

Trevor said...

Hey man that whole time thing is undoubtedly true. I guess we know we're growing up when we start to think it better to face the situation instead of trying to think or talk our way out of it. I pray God will heal your wounds in time and that he will help you become stronger through that! Sending love from Saskatchewan! Look I can spell it now...only took 10 years.